Personal Memoirs/Websites                     

Kresy-Siberia Group  Dedicated to researching, remembering and recognising the Polish citizens deported, enslaved and killed by the Soviet Union during World War Two.
A Forgotten Odyssey Documentary film of Poles deported to the USSR.
Burning Questions Award-winning documentary of a father and daughter's trip from the USA to Poland to explore his WWII memories. Shown on PBS.
Escaping Hell The Story of a Polish Underground Officer in Auschwitz and Buchenwald.
A Katyn and World War Two Diary A Polish officer's account from the blitzkrieg to VE-Day.
Kolyma: The Land of Gold and Death   A Polish survivor's account of the most feared outpost of the Soviet Gulag.
Pahiatua Children   The Story of 733 Polish Orphans who survived deportation to the USSR, and found a haven in New Zealand.
Rescued From Death in Siberia    Documentary film of Poles deported to Siberia - Order online.
Shallow Graves in Siberia   A WWII journey from Poland to Afghanistan through the horrors of Stalin's Russia. One of the great escape stories of the war.

Without Vodka: Adventures in Wartime Russia

Excerpts from Book - Order online.

Kresy - Wolyn - Krzemieniec                  

Eastern Borderlands of the II Polish Republic:   History, records, research.

Krzemieniec Lyceum/High School, Wolyn Athens/Ateny Wolynskie
Documentary film of the famous school and the city (in Polish).

Krzemieniec in Photos    A portrait of the city in the interwar period.

Krzemieniec/Kremenets - JewishGen ShtetLinks   History, records, research.

Stalin's Ethnic Cleansing in Eastern Poland:    The book and website.

Poland and Poles in World War Two                

Forgotten Holocaust
  The Holocaust's Non-Jewish Victims.

For Your Freedom and Ours: Poland's Contribution in WW II

Katyn Forest Massacre: Polish Death at Soviet Hands

Katyn Families

Polish History and Army on the Web

The Polish Soldier   Dedicated to the Polish Army in the East and those who fought for the Allies in Italy.

Second Corps - 3rd Carpathian Division

world war A comprehensive chronology (with an excellent section on September '39)

Research, Education, Investigations and Museums   

Addresses for Archives in Western Ukraine and South-Eastern Poland

The Artificial Famine/Genocide in Ukraine 1932-33

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School   Nazi-Soviet Relations 1939-1941.

Forced Labor Camps (of the Gulag)    On-line Exhibition from the Open Society Archives.

Hoover Archives   Polish testimony from Soviet Occupation & deportations 1939-1941.

Holocaust Memorial Museum

Info Poland   Clearinghouse of information about Poland, Polish Universities,
Polish Studies etc. Includes Resource for America's teachers and students.

The Gulag Collection   Paintings by Nikolai Getman.

The Karta Center Foundation    An independent organization documenting
and promoting the history of Poland and Eastern Europe in the 20th-century.
A Dead Man's Bread Ration by Nikolai Getman
Miedzy Nami   Polish-Canadian magazine with related material (English/Polish)
Museum of Communism   On-line "virtual" museum whose purpose is to do for Communism what the Holocaust Memorial Museum does for Nazism.

Stalin-Era Research and Archives Project    Seeks to reinterpert the USSR under Stalin through newly declassified archival material. At the University of Toronto.

Wartime Losses    Catalogue of Polish Art Stolen by Nazi Germany & the USSR.

Veteran's and Survivor's Organizations           

The Association of Poles Deported to Siberia - Lodz Poland
  Dedicated to maintaining memory and providing information, including people searches.

Committee For Aid to Turkmenistani Poles    Seeks to repatriate Poles and their families who were deported to Turkmenistan, and to aid those living there.

Jewish Military Casualties in the Polish Armies in World War II

Canadian Polish Congress

Polish Combatant's Association in Canada

Polish Home Army Ex-Servicemens' Association - Montreal Branch

Polish Victims of World War Two: Claims and Testimony

War Records of Polish Army Fighting alongside Allies
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet: Poland/Polska

Katyn Families

Polish Embassy, Britain

Polish Embassy, Canada

Polish Embassy, United States

Polish Genealogy Links  
Dedicated to Polish Heritage Everywhere!

Polish Research  
Sites to Assist You in Your Polish Research.

Recommended Reading

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Polish Forces in World War Two                   

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Communism and the USSR                          

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Poles and Jews                                    

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